Our school is the 3 Gymnasium Kifissias and has almost all the necessary facilities for the students’ needs.  Inside the building there are 12 classrooms, the Headmaster’s office, Teachers’ office, and a Computer and Technology Laboratory. Additionally, we have a School Library with rich material in many categories of books (literature, history, science, encyclopedias and magazines). We have also the most complete music hall in Athens, including many instruments from donations mainly by students and sound systems of the latest technology. There is also a fully equipped theatre, where various events of our school take place. In the courtyard there is a tennis court and a Volleyball/Basketball court. Our school hosts the VET Institute of Kifissia in the afternoons.

The 3 Gymnasium Kifissias teachers are perfectly prepared to reach the objetives included in this project. They include experts in ICT, who will guarantee a proper piloting.