ELLINOAGLIKI AGOGI. Our schools were founded in 1970 by the late George Kakadiaris and housed in the Byzantiou street in N. Ionia, Greece. In 1974 he transferred the schools to Kastamonis street and called “Lykeia KAKADIARI”. In 1980 the schools were renamed: “Synchroni Agogi”. In 1994, the schools took their current name “Synchroni Ellinoagliki Agogi “. In 1999 the schools moved to new modern premises where they are today, next to the facilities of the Olympic stadium in Maroussi.

key element of our philosophy is the existence of a living and evolving school that will meet the expectations of both students and their parents. A school cozy & comfortable near the pupil. A school with high quality, which selects students with goals, values and ethics, able to respond to the educational level. A school that fully supports the psychosocial development of the children and their families, nurturing students with knowledge and sensibilities. A school that pioneered and wrote new books for the Ministry of Education in the past, for Mathematics and Greek Literature.