IES Benlliure is a State High School located in Valencia city centre. It was founded more than 49 years ago. During the early 70´s IES Benlliure cater for the Secondary Education of many students that nowadays hold relevant positions in Valencia Society. Moreover, our school is located between two different neighbourhoods: the first one from a middle-class economic level and another one with a low-economic level. Some students belong to Spanish families with a mid-economic level, and others belong to foreign families with low incomes . Many times the level of knowledge of these students was different, so our school had to adapt students varied backgrounds through several solutions. For this reason our school symbolizes a meeting point giving a chance to share experiences from different cultural background, in order to promote a new society more open minded, and ready to accept different cultures.

At present, there are more than one thousand two hundred  students in the IES Benlliure studying different levels: Compulsory Education, A-levels and Vocational Training , we offer also online teaching for students of Vocational Training, in this case some  of them are from different  Spanish populations.

At the  beginning of XXI Century as a result of the economic  crisis, with a  unemployment rate (% active population) over  27.6%   led that  many of the students of vocational training were unemployment and also  students from the university.  This situation still continues and we can find students of diverse age,  with uneven social and economic background and   with different levels of training. In conclusion as teachers we must adapt to very heterogeneous groups of students.

The main objectives of the project are to motivate the students for get to know employment skills they will need in the large European labor market and the employment posibilities in different companies. At the same time students will improve  a foreign language learning and ICT tools.

Finally, high unemployment rate among young Spanish students (55%) forces many of them to plan their future abroad. Thus, this project could help them to increase their knowledge about Europe thus, they could become as better European citizens. Recently, a quality system has been set up in the school. A team of teachers have been working for 4 years to implement it. The teaching-learning methodologies, the work processes and the evaluation system have been improved thanks to this quality system.

The main emphasis in the school is team teaching, individual learning and flexible school work where the well-being, maturity and ability student is in the foreground. IES Benlliure has experience in running both big and small theme projects in our school in multi age groups.

At the beginning Technology department have been working on various development projects pertaining to variety of teaching methods, individual and team learning, and this project works well with our goals. The solar energy collector is studied as a part of our school programming. Nowadays we are projecting one for a mockup house. Elena García-Rubio(Master Degree in Engineering) is a Technology teacher involved in this project. She has been a member in another two Comenius projects (“Open doors to Europe” 2008-1-AT1-COM06-00007 6 and “HABITS OF THE EUROPEAN YOUNGSTERS” (2011-1-TR1-COM06-24426). Together with Consuelo Soler (Master Degree in Electronic Engineering), Technology’s teacher, both of them have experience in school energy projects and training, as a part in our school program. They were trained as an ICT teachers, management projects, developing projects, English spoken, they have participated in number of training course and energy projects contests (several of them won).