The IES Conselleria state school is located in the Campanar district in the city of Valencia, Spain.  It dates back from 1986 and offers Secondary education, A-levels and Vocational Training courses to a number of students in the area of Valencia and its surroundings in morning and evening shifts.

The school exceptional central location near to several shopping centres makes it into one of the best communicated, service-provided schools in the metropolitan area of Valencia. Accessibility is guaranteed by diverse transportation facilities even for those students who come from outside the city, as there is fast connection to the central railway station and the bus station is also nearby. Moreover, road connections via by-pass and access to the C-234 motorway contribute to enhance this aspect.

With regards to the neighbourhood’s idiosyncrasy it is to be noted that its population in mainly made up of working-class people, with a high percentage of immigrants and this is specially reflected in the Compulsory Secondary Education, where multiculturalism is a dominant feature. However, this does not apply the same way to the A-level classes and Higher Vocational training Courses.

The IES Conselleria School hosts a number of educational events and activities, offering its facilities for the running of diverse official examinations, courses and meetings for the members of the Board of Education.

In the current school year we have 49 classes with 1,181 students altogether distributed as follows:

8 Secondary Education classes.

5 Lower Vocational Training classes, covering Commerce, Administration and IT courses.

4 A-levels classes.

11 Intermediate Vocational Training classes, covering Commerce, Administration, IT and Physical Activities courses.

17 Higher Vocational Training classes, covering IT, Management, Finance, Commerce and Physical Education courses.

The number of teachers totals 106 (45 % of which are men and 55% women) included in 21 departments. 56% of the staff hold a permanent position. The school also gets support from the Town Council to supervise and control school absenteeism in the compulsory levels, and there is a support teacher for the vision-impaired students, as well.

The non-teaching personnel include:

3 administrative clerks and 1 administrative assistant clerk

7 janitors.

5 cleaners.

1 librarian.

The members of the parents association.

The school opens daily at 7:30 and closes at 21:30. Lessons start at 8:00 and finish at 2:30 for the morning shift; the evening shift begins at 15:00 and finishes at 21:15, except for Friday when students leave the school at 20:15. On Wednesdays, lessons finish at 13:05 for the morning shift, allowing a couple of hours for the staff meetings.

The IES Conselleria School is made up of 16 subject departments, 4 job families, 1 counselling and guidance department, 1 job guidance department and 1 student internship programmes department.

Based on the above, it may be concluded that the IES Conselleria School offers a wide variety of learning pathways, bearing a quality seal with a commitment to service efficiency and the creation of social links with our community, which is evidenced in the superb relationship with the parents association.

There are a number of programmes which aim at supporting the students in different situations such as absenteeism, lack of resources or learning difficulties. There is a Reading Promotion Plan which is intended to act as an incentive for students to improve their reading skills.  There is also another programme which provides teachers with refresher courses and additional training. A quality programme establishes quality standards to follow. And, finally, we have been participating in school national and international schemes through programmes such as PROMECE, ERASMUS +, K1-GM, EWE.

The IES Conselleria School has experience working with collaborating companies which have provided internships for our students, some of which have even signed a job contract at the end of the period. Due to the recent economic crisis and the lack of jobs, more and more students have been enrolling in vocational courses, so increased efforts have been made to search for new work placements which fit their training and profiles. This has broadened our horizons and encouraged us to look outwards at the job market pushing ourselves into getting the best results for our students.

Ana Serigó Pérez (graduate in Computer Science) has been working with IT students for many years and has helped develop a number of IT courses and workshops. She has specialised in 3D printing and has been involved in running projects with multi-age groups. She also has a sound knowledge of the labour market and the training requirements.

IES Conselleria