The National Institute for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Deafblind  (NIB) is a public institute governed by the Ministry of Welfare. The institute provides services mainly in the rehabilitation and education area and provides books and educational material in the appropriate form for its clients. The goal of the institute is to enhance the possibilities of those who are blind, visually impaired or deafblind to participate in all areas of society on equal terms with others, focusing on support to education, independent living, active leisure and employment. The institute is a service, resource, education, and rehabilitation center. Furthermore, it is a knowledge center that collects and promotes information on the situation of clients in order to improve services and promote progress. The institute also coordinates with other entities to provide appropriate services. NIB conducts training, consultation and support for families, schools and other service institutions. NIB provides  seminars and workshops but most of the training and rehabilitation is done on individual basis particularly in; mobility and orientation, daily living skills, computers and technology, books and educational material, and social skills. General services provided by NIB  include:

  • Eye examinations and evaluation of sight.
  • Records and certificates.
  • Counseling by social worker and assistance with social insurance and benefits.
  • Provide assistive devices and education in how to use the equipment.
  • Training and education on computers, software and related technology.
  • Training in mobility and independent living.
  • Assistance and counseling to schools at all levels.
  • Braille teaching to students, teachers and family.
  • Custom eyewear and eye prosthesis.
  • Refunds for eyewear.

Braille and large print material and books. NIB has 30 employees and 1500 clients of all ages.

NIB is a producer of materials for blind and visually impaired students of all ages. The institute has considerable knowledge and experience in providing material in the most appropriate form based on students needs. NIB produces tactile materials, Braille materials, large print, printed and electronic materials. The institute provides educational services to schools with blind and visually impaired students and counseling regarding teaching and materials. Benjamin Juliusson department manager for educational material is a teacher  and has a long experience in the field of education and production of educational material. Huld Magnusdottir director general has long experience in the field of services for the visually impaired and project management.