Rīgas Vājredzīgo un Neredzīgo Biedrība “Redzi mani”  –  The Society of Riga partially sighted and Blind “Look at me” non-govermental organization established on 19.03.2015 by experienced visually impaired professionals and their supporters. “Look at me”brings togetherblind and visually impaired people and their supporters with purpose through common work and activities promote social inclusion and improvr quality of life of the blind and visually impaired in Riga. Organization is gradually growing and number of its members – increasing. Also “Look at me”work and activities are noticed assessed by Ombudsman’s Award for  Organizations for People with Disabilities 2015 in nomination “Social Campaign” which is given for contribution in process of social inclusion in Latvia.

The Society of Riga Partially sighted and Blind “Look at me”has experience in promoting of social inclusion and organizing common events for visually impaired, blind and their sighted supporters. Key persons – members of the “Look at me”board have gained their experience during Erasmus+ projects in other organizations and institutions. Antra Balode, member of the “Look at me”board, Mg.of Pedogogy, more than 30 years work experience in education, more than 10 years experience in project management started at Riga State Gymnasium of Agenskalns and continued at Latvian Society of the Blind Organization of Riga City and Sergey Zheltoc Riga Secondary School. Līga Ķikute, chairmen of the “Look at me”board, Mg. of Health Science – Public Health, gained experience with Erasmus+ in Latvian Society of the Blind Organization of Riga City.